Jonathan Moulton Edison Risk

When it comes to getting your financial house in order, there are often plenty of questions that need to be asked. Is there a retirement plan that’s right for me? Is there a guaranteed source of income I’m missing out on? Should I have started the estate planning process already? What about health insurance? Is there a policy that will work in my favor? This is just scratching the surface, as Jonathan Moulton of Edison Risk will tell you. That’s because Mr. Moulton, who has been working in the financial arena since 1999 and served as president of Edison Risk since 2012, is a go-to source for financial advisors working for clients who often ask the  above questions. After getting to know Jonathan Moulton, Edison Risk and the talented team he has working there, it’s clear that this office is a valuable resource when advisors, CPAs and other wealth management experts need to know what financial products are available that will help their clients.

When a wealth management professional has questions, they consult someone like Jonathan Moulton and Edison Risk. That’s because there’s a labyrinth of financial products and ways to mix and match them as to best suit the high net-worth client. Would a Life Insurance Retirement Planning (LIRP) investment work best if the life insurance policy is overfunded to the point of offering significant cash value? Should the wealth management advisor – acting on the advice of Edison Risk’s Jonathan Moulton – suggest Fixed Index Annuities as a way to provide guaranteed lifetime income that can’t drop lower than the initial investment? “Any sound financial plan should incorporate some guaranteed income to cover basic expenses. These are a perfect vehicle for that,” said Jonathan Moulton, whose Edison Risk employs a team of similarly skilled financial experts. They include five sales managers offering new product ideas, case managers who handle agent contracting and a highly-experienced underwriter who can easily handle “impaired risk” cases. That’s important when working with insurance carriers so that clients can get the best policy terms possible.

Jonathan Moulton of Edison Risk, who was certified as a Life Insurance and Annuities Certified Professional by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, is happy to speak with wealth management professions who need advice on the thousands of ways that financial products can be put to use. In return, an expertly-designed strategy will allow for the lifetime of income that the best investments are designed to yield.